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Wish List for Summer


After experiencing the strawberry moon and spectacular sunset last night to ring in summer, I started thinking about how special this time of year is. It’s all about outdoor experiences and a lighter outlook on life. While work doesn’t stop for the summer (I wish it did!), I started thinking about the things I’d like to do that are simply enjoying the beauty of the summertime. What’s on your wish list this year?

Ten things I want to do this summer:

  1. Get to know the neighborhoods of San Francisco.

  2. Can tomato sauce from fresh tomatoes from the farmer’s market.

  3. Drive down Highway 1 to explore new beaches.

  4. Go to the farmer’s market weekly.

  5. Pack up easy picnics and head to the park.

  6. Go berry picking and make jam.

  7. Take weekend morning walks with the family to our favorite bakery.

  8. Read a book outside.

  9. Take Jackson to a baseball game (or a few).

  10. Go to Tamales Bay for oysters.

I think it’s the little things that make summer so memorable and I hope to create those memories again this summer!

Photo from my stay at The Carneros Inn


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