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Welcome Home Sweet Jackson

Baby | Photo by Delbarr Moradi for Caitlin Flemming

I honestly cannot believe that four weeks have passed since we welcomed Jackson Flemming into the world. It has quite possibly been the best weeks of my entire life. He’s grown and changed so much in these few short weeks – at times I want to stop time so that I can cherish these first moments and milestones we’ve had together.

Baby Flemming | Photo by Delbarr Moradi for Caitlin Flemming
Baby Flemming | Photo by Delbarr Moradi for Caitlin Flemming

Jackson decided he wanted to join us a whole ten days early – I don’t blame him for not wanting to be born on Christmas Day. We weren’t quite prepared for him to come that early. We arrived at the hospital at 2am and twelve hours later we welcomed him into this beautiful world at 6 lbs and 11 oz. Both Eric and I have been completely in love ever since.

Each day brings on something new – whether it’s him opening up his eyes a little bit more, a new cry we haven’t heard before, or him sleeping an extra hour longer!

I’ll be sharing more soon on new-mom must haves (boy do I have a list) and much more! In the meantime, check back regularly for posts during this quiet time – I’ll be popping in regularly, but thanks for understanding me taking this time with my little man.


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