Tidy Teamwork

Before Jackson could walk, he loved to be a part of cleaning up. I honestly think he might have inherited my gene of liking everything to be clean and tidy. From the get-go, we’ve tried to make cleaning up a fun activity. We sing a “clean up” song and he loves to put his toys away – especially before bedtime.

Recently, Jackson loves to sweep the kitchen. He always points out if there is something on the ground with a loud “uh oh”! In addition, when I’m cleaning, he loves to clean as well. His favorite is to wipe off the tray of his high chair after he finishes eating. These fun routines include him in taking care of our home. Obviously, as he gets older, the routines will become a bit more layered but I’m just happy he enjoys being part of the cleaning up process.

There is no question that my house gets dirty faster with a little one running around. Snacks get dropped, toys get scattered, and dishes can pile up. But I firmly believe that instilling the good habit of tidying up, can enforce habits of mind for our littles at an early age.

I’ve recently begun to use Lemi Shine products when we clean together as a family. Not only do these products work well, they are also safe for all of us. So I hope to continue the cleaning up process as something that is both fun and safe! Be sure to check out these coupons Lemi Shine is offering readers on their products. To find a store near you, check here. Happy cleaning with your family!

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