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Sustainable Habits for Your Home

This year, I’ve been more committed to finding ways our entire family can make more sustainable choices in our lives. Whether that it’s the way we eat, buy clothing or stock our home with household essentials. I’ve always strived for quality over quantity but as we lean on the Earth more and more, I’ve been thinking about what we can do in our home – the kitchen in particular. That said, I think that it’s important to get everyone (including the kids) involved in the process.

Growing up my dad (an environmentalist) was always talking to me about ways to consume less. Therefore, it’s been on my mind in recent years. Fast forward to this past fall when I came across Grove Collaborative and I was intrigued by all of the products that they offer that are gentler on the earth and that they as a company are prioritizing post-consumer materials for packaging. This instantly got my attention to one way I could change the way we bring household essentials into our home.

As a family we’ve come up with four simple ways all of us can make habits to help us with our footprint on the planet.

1) Bamboo Straws. Our kids love straws when they drink water. Anyone else’s kids insist on it? We’ve added these Grove bamboo straws in our kitchen and in our car.

2) Reusable Sandwich Bags. This was a no-brainer in our eyes. It’s one of the easiest ways to cut plastic out of your daily life. Plus, I love the way these Grove reusable sandwich bags are a little more sturdy.

3) Hand Soap and Dispenser. Instead of picking up a new bottle of hand soap each time you’re at the market, think about where that plastic will be going. Grove has hand soap refills and glass soap dispensers that are perfect for any home. I personally love that you get a pouch of soap that you can easily refill around the house in different spots when we are running low.

4) Walnut Sponges. Y’all I’m one of those people that’s pretty particular about her sponges. They have to work and need to be neutral (I know, I’m weird). These Grove Walnut Scrubber Sponges are amazing! Our family has completely converted to them. We also love the Grove Collaborative Scrubber Brush.

Grove Collaborative is offering new customers a free gift with purchase – items may vary due to the demand in household essentials. There are so many amazing brands and products they have online. It’s definitely been a go-to for our household.

There are SO many more ways we can shift the way we consume and the habits we’ve created. We’re also started using reusable towels instead of paper towels but this is a habit that will take time to get accustomed to. But if we don’t start shifting our focus now, we won’t. Right now we should be thinking of sustainability as the heart of everything we do.

Please note: Grove Collaborative can only ship to the lower 48 states at this time — no Canada, Hawaii or Alaska.


This post is sponsored by Grove Collaborative. It’s a wonderful online marketplace committed to sustainable household essentials. All opinions are my own. Many thanks for supporting the brands that support.


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