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It’s the start of fall and I’m excited to be back in action. This summer I took a little hiatus from the blog because I’ve been working on some big projects. One of the largest is finishing up the book I’ve been writing, photographing and producing with my mom. The manuscript and photography is being turned in this week! I feel as though I’ve put my life and soul into this project. It’s been a dream come true, a labor of love and the pages are going to be filled with stunning homes from some inspiring individuals.

With the being said, I felt like taking this summer to focus on the book was essential. I didn’t want to produce content that I wasn’t 100% behind. Also, many of you might not know this but I don’t have a team producing content – I do it all myself. I want it to be my vision and my voice.

This fall I’m planning on sharing the design projects I’ve been working on, behind the scenes, before + afters, fall entertaining, brands I’m inspired by, products I’m loving, with a little style and wardrobe finds, and then sprinkle in some motherhood updates (lots of you are asking about this). Is there anything I’m missing you want to see?

Thank you all for being patient and understanding during this little break. I can’t wait to kick off the fall with some beautiful content!


Photo of us in Mexico City by Andreas Posadas


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