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In today’s family life, kids as well as their parents are often in need of the Wi-Fi for managing their lives in the “connected” world. If you’re anything like our family, you tend to have multiple gadgets in use at the same time – smartphones, laptops, or pads – all relying on a strong connection to Wi-Fi. In our home, we also have the added complication of a flat that’s in the shape of an L. As a result, we have zones in our house where our Wi-Fi is spotty, even on a good day!

One solution we’ve found that has made every nook and cranny in our home Wi-Fi connected is Google Wifi. We placed them in key targeted areas and now I can set classical music in my toddler’s room while he sleeps, my husband can check baseball scores online, and I can check out my social media while listening to music online. I also love the sleek modern look of Google Wifi. The multi points system blends perfectly with my décor and look right at home!

With the entire home up and running with Google Wifi, we have reliable Wi-Fi our entire family can rely on. Check out Google Wifi and see for yourself how you can manage and improve your Wi-Fi connection at home!

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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