Shop Talk: Spartan in Austin

An item on my wish list for months has been to visit Spartan, a beautiful shop full of textiles, accessories, jewelry and home and paper goods. It’s a feast for your eyes. As you walk through the entire store you can tell the owner Currie Person has sourced items that would feel special in your home. From handcrafted cutting boards for your kitchen, to scarves you want to wrap yourself up in, to paper products you want to bring to your workspace, there is no shortage of amazingness.

Currie wanted to create a store that was centered around the idea that it would be a creative hub for collections handmade from around the world. Well, I can honestly say that Spartan is just that vision. The store had me lusting over so many incredible items. With only a carry on to bring things back to SF, I picked up a stunning vase that kept calling my name as I passed it. It’s crafted by Patterson Pottery Company – it now sits in our entry. It brings back wonderful memories of our recent trip.

Well, lucky for us Spartan also has counterparts in Portland called Beam & Anchor and in San Francisco called The Voyager on Valencia Street – hurray! So if you live in SF or Portland I highly recommend stopping in these shops. Honestly, Currie has created these stores with gems that make perfect gifts for anyone.

I hope you enjoyed these two Austin “Shop Talk” features!

Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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