Shop Talk: Lilify in Monterey

As you know, I’m constantly on the hunt for new boutiques or antique shops here in San Francisco and when I travel. After a road trip down to Carmel to visit family a couple years ago, I was introduced to Lilify – one of my aunt’s go-to shops for unique finds. It quickly became one of my favorite places to visit when in town. Lilify is filled with so much goodness and inspiration. It’s a feast for your eyes. From the plethora of artisan goods, to the vintages finds, to the jewelry, and so much more – Hanni and Jesse have curated Lilify to perfection. Each time I’ve stepped inside it’s as though I’ve been transported into inspiration heaven. I instantly find myself picking up a handful of goodies that need to come home with me immediately.

A little history on the owners. Hanni and Jesse moved to Monterey, California with the goal of putting their talents to good use by completely renovating a dilapidated building. They saw an incredible vision for what the building could be transformed into, especially when it came to the commercial space downstairs – formerly a bar, which is now home to Lilify. After two years of putting their hearts and souls into the space, Lilify opened its doors in late 2012.

Since opening, Lilify has just added another layer of excellence to make the experience that much sweeter. You can now enjoy a cup of Bright Coffee as you wander through the shop finding beautiful treasures.

The next time you find yourself down in the Carmel/Monterey area add this treasured gem to your list of places to go. You won’t regret it!


281 Lighthouse Avenue // Monterey, California


Monday – Saturday 10 – 6

Sunday 9 – 1

Photos by Claire Giffen


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