Shop Talk: Jenni Kayne Montecito

A few weeks ago I drove to Santa Barbara with the excuse of needing to pick up a table for one of my clients. What I was really looking forward to was paying a visit to one of my favorite clothing shops – Jenni Kayne. Located in Montecito’s Upper Village, Jenni Kayne is down the road from the stunning grounds of San Ysidro Ranch. When you walk into the shop, the physical surroundings are so beautiful that you don’t want to leave. I’ve always dreamed of an open-beamed ceiling of wood painted white for my home and this is how the physical space looks in the store. Clothing, accessories, and a few well-curated home items are carefully placed to create a serene and aesthetically pleasing space.

As many of you know, I prefer simple lines and timeless clothing that stands the test of time. I would rather buy a few nice pieces of clothing each season than buy the latest trends. Jenni Kayne is the perfect place to find those enduring pieces. Clean lines and a neutral palate draw me to her designs.

There were also smaller items I had to purchase. The earth tu face + jenni kayne lotion was something I couldn’t leave without. The fragrance of rose & geranium was like no other lotion I had smelled and I knew I had to have it. I also noticed that my good friend Simone LeBlanc has partnered with Jenni Kayne to create a unique and exciting gift box. The carefully chosen items for this box are the perfect gift for that special person. Filled with items that remind you of this time of year and a walk in the woods. All of the items come in a stunning balsa wood box that will be a keepsake for years to come. Pop over to my instagram to find out how to win your very own Simone LeBlanc x Jenni Kayne Woods Gift Box – it’s the epitome of fall!

Of course, I couldn’t get out of the store without a pair of shoes and several sweaters for the crisper fall days, which we are finally having in San Francisco. I’m already looking forward to my next visit to pick up more wardrobe staples. Thank you Jenni for welcoming us into your store with open arms.

Photos by Caitlin Flemming

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