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Seasonal Wrapping: A Sun-Kissed Summer

Simone LeBlanc Wrapping | for Sacramento Street
Simone LeBlanc Wrapping | for Sacramento Street

Wrapping gifts has always been something I’ve loved. With each gift I think it’s important to set the tone with the wrapping – weather it’s a signature look or has a seasonal touch. I have to admit, at Christmas my mom, aunt and I go above and beyond with the details of our wrapping. All of us think it’s important to make the package special.

Since I have such a love for wrapping I wanted to call upon one of my dear friends and gifting expert extraordinaire Simone LeBlanc to bring you “Seasonal Wrapping.” We’re kicking off this brand new series that is inspired by the colors of summertime. Think bright sunshine and softly sun-washed colors. Simone and I gathered inspiration over on Pinterest in order to come up with a mood board behind our inspiration – something both of us find essential when creating and brainstorming new ideas.


Simone has put together three different styles to inspire you. These wrappings feature hand-dyed and washed silks that Simone dyed herself and fresh florals in a palette of poppy citrus and warm blush tones. Throughout the process she was thinking about sunbeams, sun-kissed skin, sunlight and strong shadows. I think she created stunning inspiration that already has my head swirling with inspiration for my next gift.

Simone LeBlanc Wrapping | for Sacramento Street
Simone LeBlanc Wrapping | for Sacramento Street

I love the way Simone showcases that you can use fabric instead of paper and fresh flowers instead of ribbon, something I find myself forgetting when putting together special packages.

A huge thank you to Simone for a stunning post – I’m left excited for the next gift I need to wrap. If you have an event or theme you’d like us to focus on here in this series please leave a comment or reach out to us. We’d love to help you with any wrapping inspiration.

I hope you enjoyed this first seasonal wrapping post!

Wrapping and photos by Simone LeBlanc for Sacramento Street


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