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Real Talk / Real Moms: Raising a Little Reader

Real Talk, Real Moms - Favorite Books

This installment of Real Talk with Real Moms is all about books and creating avid little readers (or at least attempting/hoping to create them). When it comes to reading we started a nighttime routine when Jackson was just three months old. The routine consists of reading two to three books each night in our bed. Fast forward to today and we’re still doing the same routine – Jackson runs from his room to our bed for story time yelling “book, book!” This is an excitement I hope never fades.

Both Eric and I value raising Jackson to be an avid reader. His bookshelf is accessible so that he can grab books at anytime. Now, it hasn’t always been easy getting him to settle down for these reading sessions.

Some of you may be wondering “does he really lay down with you and pay attention?” – the answer is no. We’ve gone through several phases that have been challenging and tested our patience, but we didn’t want to stray from our routine. So whenever he is in one of those rough phases, we go through one book and call it a night. Sometimes he will be wiggling, talking or kicking the book, but we always manage to read it.

We’ve hit an age where Jackson has settled down, plays by himself more, picks up books and flips through them. It brings me so much joy to see him learning in this way. Sometimes I don’t want to blink because I’m afraid it’ll be the day where he’s reading to me instead. If only time could go a little slower, but for now I’ll cherish these moments with him and be proud that he knows what’s coming up in the book as we turn the page.

Reading with Dad

I wanted to share some of our favorite books that we’ve read together since Jackson was a baby. There is everything from The Pout-Pout Fish to Little Blue Truck to Moo Baa La La La – each of these have Jackson tickled by the end. And if you want one that’ll make you teary eyed – a family favorite is Wherever You Are: My Love Will Find You, it’s SO good!

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