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Real Talk / Real Moms: Holiday Traditions


As the end of October approaches each year I start to get excited for the holidays. I’m not the type of person that is big on traditions during the year – except during the holiday season. I love that the holidays bring out love in so many different ways. Now that Jackson is a toddler, I want to start some of the smaller traditions my family did together.

Holiday Cards


Putting together our holiday cards to send out to family and friends has always been my task, but this year I’m going to enlist Jackson into putting stamps on the envelopes – he loves stickers.

PJ’s on Christmas Eve


Picking out Christmas pajamas has been a long standing tradition in my family. I want to continue to do that with Jackson. I find it so fun searching for the perfect pair each year!

Tree Trimming


There is nothing I love more than pulling out our Christmas boxes to pull out all of the decorations we’ve collected over the years. This year I think it will be a lot of fun including Jackson in this tradition.

Santa Clause


We started this with Jackson last year and thought we’d get the traditional crying photo – NOPE! He was all smiles with Santa. We will see what happens this year!

Baking for Family and Friends


This time of year I start pulling out new recipes to try for the holidays. One of my favorite things to do is baking cookies – especially Mexican Wedding Cakes (so good!).

Traditions Around the World


This year might be too soon, but I wanted to share this amazing tradition Jessica started with her family. They explore international traditions each year by crafting, cooking and taking a look into that countries celebrations. Such an inspiration – you can learn more about her experience here.

For me, the holidays bring cheer, the feeling of love, and most importantly, make me reflect on what truly matters in my life. So this season, create your own traditions – whether you do a few things or have a list a mile long. Remember this holiday season to make these memories special and someday they might be traditions your kids do with their kids. I’d love to hear about traditions you have with your own family.

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