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Real Talk / Real Moms: Growing a Family


When it comes to growing our family of three to four – we asked ourselves, should we wait or have another right away? Both Eric and I went back and forth about the age difference we would want between our kids. If it were up to Eric we would already have baby number two on the way, but I’m an only child and wanted to spend quality time with Jackson as the only kid in the household.

Now, I know there isn’t a magic number of years between each kid but I’ve always wanted at least two years between baby one and two. Here are a few things that I think about having baby number two:

The second pregnancy isn’t like the first.

Now, I had a pretty rough pregnancy in terms of sickness. I had all day sickness until I was seven months pregnant. Part of the reason I’ve wanted to wait on having baby number two is because if I do get sick again, I want to be prepared for how I felt with Jackson.

There is no perfect time.

Although we may be “planning” when we want to ideally have baby number two, there is no perfect time. Just like baby number one – your world is turned completely around but the experience is incredible.

There will probably be moments of freaking out.

Yes, just like when you are pregnant with your first little, you have those “am I ready?” moments. I felt very ready for Jackson to arrive and excited. I know I’ll be just as excited for a second, but since I am an only child I will probably have some of those “oh my goodness” moments a little more.

These are the three things I think about most when deciding when we should grow our family. I’d love to hear from all of you about expanding your family. What’s the best piece of advice you can give? What do you love most about having a family of four or five or more? Any wise words you can share, I’d love to hear them.

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