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please welcome lauren larson!

Sacramento Street is going bi-coastal! I’ve been thinking long and hard about something new to bring to my readers – there were lots of brainstorming sessions and finally it became clear. I’m incredibly excited to announce that we’ll now have a New York contributor, Lauren Larson. Lauren and I have known each other since third grade. As we’ve grown from girls with pig-tails, into career women, we’ve grown extremely close because we both have an incredible passion for Interior Design.

Lauren has been living and working as an Interior Designer and Blogger in New York City for seven years. Her Interiors have been featured in the New York Times and on NBC’s Open House New York “Tips of the Trade.” She recently founded her blog MATERIAL LUST with her partner, Product Designer, Christian Lopez Swafford.

Curating together, they describe themselves as artists masquerading as designers. The Material Lust blog strives to ‘design a conversation’ around their admittedly ominous aesthetic. The blog was initially created as a mood board for the Material Lust brand and their line of products, but quickly turned into its own full time project driving Lauren to feverishly seek out new types of work, artists and designers. Any given weekend you can find Lauren digging through flea markets to find old, discarded fashion and architectural magazines. They are currently collaborating on one of a kind products, including, but not limited to, home goods that are set to launch later this year.

Once a month Lauren will be writing a post here on Sacramento Street centered around events, design and even fashion. Tomorrow will mark Lauren’s first post that I can hardly wait to have live. We’ve been collaborating and scheming up this piece with an amazingly talented photographer. Please welcome Lauren with open arms and look out tomorrow morning for her first AMAZING post!

*Photo: by Jamie Beck


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