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Pilates: My Retreat Time

Mighty x Sacramento Street

For the past four years, I have been going to Mighty Pilates. It started as a last effort to find relief for back and neck pain I had been experiencing for years from an old dance injury. I didn’t hold out much hope it would work, as I had tried so many other forms of exercise and none of them seemed to help. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly my neck and back pain began to disappear. I think I needed more strength in my core and Mighty Pilates was the ticket to getting more in shape.

Mighty x Sacramento Street
Mighty x Sacramento Street
Mighty x Sacramento Street

When I got pregnant, I worried how I could stay strong and deliver my baby with as much ease as possible. I continued my Mighty Pilates but switched to the classes designed specifically for pregnant women. Not only did I make new friends who were soon-to-be-mothers, but I also continued to stay strong without injuring myself or harming the baby. I can’t recommend Mighty Pilates enough and luckily now they have studios in both San Francisco and LA. The individual attention you receive and the small classes, make you feel like you’re getting the help you need to complete the exercises properly.


Every person has to find their own way to keep in shape but I can definitely endorse the superb classes I’ve had over the past four years. Sometimes I only manage to go once a week. Other weeks I go 2 or 3 times. The important thing is to find something that works for you. Keeping in shape helps me to have the energy I need to run after Jackson, as well as work hard in my design business where I’m often lifting heavy rugs, paintings or books for installations.

Feeling good is important – we all need to take care of ourselves! Have you been able to find a workout that works for your body and lifestyle?

Photos by Emily Scott


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