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In San Francisco, outdoor space is a rare and coveted thing for a home. Sometimes the space is small but taking advantage of even a postage stamp backyard can mean having a place to enjoy a lunch with friends or to just read the newspaper on a lazy Saturday morning.

Recently, I decided it was time to spruce up my diminutive garden to make it a place I could actually use. I wanted it to be simple so maintaining it would not be a burden. To begin with, I decided on a beautiful outdoor set of table and chairs made of eucalyptus. This seemed perfect for a backyard within walking distance to the Presidio and its eucalyptus grove. This patio furniture set by Martha Stewart (available at Home Depot) and the rug is perfect for both comfort and beauty.

While the backyard has two olive trees and beautiful clematis vines, it was still a bit sparse so I called on The Plant Library to do their magic with the space. The plants they brought instantly transformed the space. I love the idea of renting plants and not worrying about their care – I have the worst green thumb. Yet when I go into the garden, it looks curated. Now my dream of lunch with friends or a quiet moment with a cup of tea can easily be a reality.

When entertaining in your garden, no matter its size, keep the décor simple. The beauty of being outdoors in the fresh air is all you need. Unless, of course, you are entertaining in San Francisco – then be sure to also have a nice shawl available in case one of your guests is cold in the sea breeze and fog!

Photos by Delbarr Moradi for Sacramento Street

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