Our New Family Friend – Google Home

Google Home

Home has taken a whole new meaning since we had Jackson. Granted, both Eric and I were homebodies before we grew our family, but making our apartment a home was even more of a priority once we had him. Our home is a place where we relax, play, entertain, and work. As a parent, life gets hectic – before the sun rises it’s like a whirlwind has come through our home. But to make life just a little bit easier throughout our day, we turn to Google Home.

Google Home
Google Home

With Google Home, we never miss a beat. Everyone in our family – even guests – are in awe of the product. Here are five reasons why our house loves having Google Home at our fingertips:

  1. We catch up on the morning news each morning. It’s a nice way to stay in touch with what’s happening in the world without turning on the TV.

  2. We’re able to ask it important questions – anything from, how many teaspoons is in a cup to when the sun is setting that very same day.

  3. Getting the weather report – so that all of us are prepared for what the day is about to bring us.

  4. The most asked questions for Jackson – playing a train or fire truck sound. The way his face lights up is magical.

  5. We have family dance parties at least once a day. Probably our favorite new activity.

Google Home
Google Home

Google Home has made it possible for us to feel like we have a heads-up on what the day will bring us. And each of us knows that when we get home from work or school that there is a dance party waiting for us right as we walk in the door.. Check out more details about Google Home here and if you are looking to add a helpful device into your life – Google Home is the perfect product for your home. Right now you can also get 6 months free YouTube Red with every purchase!

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Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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