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On the Menu: Persian Breakfast

Persian Breakfast

One meal that I’m constantly failing at is breakfast. It’s a constant battle to find time to make something healthy for myself when madness is happening around me. I’ve been trying to make more of an effort to take the time to feed myself along with the boys. It happens about two times a week, which is progress. When Amanda came up with the Persian breakfast bowl I jumped at the chance to make it. It’s my new go-to meal in the morning. If you are looking for that perfect breakfast this might just be what you are looking for.

Persian Breakfast

Persian Breakfast



1 quart full fat plain yogurt salt Serve with: feta cheese olive oil blood oranges cucumbers radishes jam mint z’atar



1.) Combine yogurt and large pinch of salt together in a bowl. Pour yogurt into a cheesecloth lined strainer and suspend strainer over a bowl. Fold cheesecloth over yogurt and strain overnight or until most of the liquid has drained from the yogurt.

2.) Serve lebneh with feta cheese, olive oil, blood oranges, z’atar, cucumber, radishes, jam, mint and fresh bread.

Recipe & Photos by Amanda Frederickson


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