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on the menu: padron peppers

This past weekend, while shopping at the Fort Mason farmers market, I came across Pardon peppers – one of my favorite treats to make as an appetizer for dinner parties. They literally melt in your mouth and leave a lingering flavor that makes you want to grab another. Last night I made a batch for Eric and I to munch on while watching the Olympics and before I knew it the bowl was gone. He had polished off the entire bowl – they are that delicious. Plus, they only take about five minutes to make, which is a huge bonus!

Bon appetit friends!

Pardon Peppers with Sea Salt



2 to 3 generous cups of Padron peppers

1-2 tablespoons olive oil

Sea salt to taste



1. Add olive oil to a hot frying pan, when the oil is hot  add the Padron peppers.

2. Cook and stir the peppers until the skin is blisters.

3. Remove the peppers from the pan and place on a plate or bowl.

4. Sprinkle with sea salt to taste.

Recipe and photo by Caitlin Flemming

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