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Monthly To Do List: September

September arrived – we are in full on summer mode here in San Francisco. Although it was a little too hot with our 100+ degree weather this weekend, I’m excited for the sun-filled days ahead. There is nothing quite like it. When everyone else starts getting ready for fall, we are taking out all of our summer clothes instead of packing them away.

However, things are happening around our house this September. Jackson starts preschool this week and I’m easing back into work after my maternity leave. This summer was extra special spending time with both Amelia and Jackson. I’ll forever remember this time we got to spend together. It will be an adjustment getting back into a routine, which requires many to-do lists. I’m sharing a few of mine for this month.


  • Get back into a work routine.

  • Start making decisions on Jackson’s big boy room.

  • Begin planning working out routine – something I haven’t done much of (except walking) post-baby.

  • Plan photographing our studio.

  • ​Take a little time each evening to read – whether that’s a book or magazine.

I can’t wait to tackle this to-do list – it’s always nice to start off the month this way.

What do you have on your list this month?


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