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Lifestyle: Spring Has Sprung For The Kids

I’ve always been a city girl. I was born in Washington, DC, I moved to Mexico City when I was five and then eventually to Portland, Oregon. For the past 15 years, San Francisco has been home for me.

While I love everything a city has to offer, I also tend to gravitate out of the city – especially the North Bay area. There are open spaces for the kids to play and great places to hang out. One of my favorite places to go is Marin Country Mart. I’ve been going since they opened with just a few shops. Now it is bustling with restaurants, great boutiques, and open spaces that are so nice to spend time in.

One shop I always stop by and find something interesting, is Poppy Store. They have the most unique children’s clothing, shoe selection and accessories (Amelia loves the bows). I also always find gifts there for baby showers, and even things for myself! It’s a warm and inviting shop with a carousel of horses for the kids to ride outside, and a huge birdcage indoors. A table for the kids to draw at is always an attraction for Amelia.

The outfits on my kiddos are some of my favorites that I found at this spring at Poppy Store. When possible, I like being able to find things that are unique and out of the ordinary. This little sundress has quickly become Amelia’s favorite. The saltwater sandals in rose gold are perfect with her adorable dress and bow. Jackson needs clothes he can run, jump and basically be in perpetual motion in. These shorts are perfect for the warmer spring days. But it’s never hot in San Francisco so I paired it with a polo and sweater. The hand embroidery “rebel rebel” is the perfect message for my boy. He is wearing a pair of Birkenstock’s that have a back to them so he can run as fast as he wishes.

If you’re in the Bay Area, take the time to pop into Poppy Store. You can also go to Poppy at the Montecito Country Mart and the Brentwood Country Mart. I am sure you will find unique and fun clothes for the kiddos.


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