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Interiors: Fragments Identity x Caitlin Flemming

Last January, in the midst of the pandemic, we decided to move neighborhoods and relocated to a new home. It happened in such a serendipitous way. Suddenly we had far more space and the furniture we had wasn’t filling the spaces of our new home. Luckily, I was able to turn to Fragments Identity to help curated and add several key pieces to our home. We had two stunning chairs and pillows from them in our former home that have worked perfectly in the new space.

Fragments Identity Pieces: Ottoman, Chair, Pillows

The biggest impact has been a huge ottoman covered in a stunning hand-loomed wool from India.The ottoman is so multi-versatile - from a place to organize a project I’m working on, to a “wall” for badminton for the kiddos. The next thing we added from their collection at Fragments Identity were upholstered chairs in our dining room. Not only are they stunning, they are so comfortable. We now often use the space while we are working. Finally, we added a vintage chair for our living room that is both comfortable and beautiful in form.

Fragments Identity Pieces: Upholstered Dining Chairs

All of these Fragment Identity pieces will remain in our home for a very long time. And isn’t this what all of us are striving for - a more sustainable way of designing our home?

Images by Stephanie Russo


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