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Interiors: Do You Collect Anything?

Café au lait bowls

I never thought I would actually collect anything, but over the years, I seem to have accumulated enough of a few things, to consider it a collection. These are the things I keep on my radar when I’m at the flea market or my favorite antique shops. To begin with, let’s be honest, collections can get out of control quickly! Before you know it, you’re “one of those people” with a house full of porcelain dogs or whatever you collect.

That being said, I still tend to have my eye out for certain items. Café au lait bowls are one thing I’ve collected for a long time. I have open shelving in my kitchen, and I love how they look up on the shelves – all different yet pulled together by their like color. Blue has been a lifelong favorite color and all the bowls have different patterns but in some shade of blue.

At a certain point I’ll have to put the breaks on with my café au lait bowls but for now, I am filled with excitement every time I find a new one!

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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