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Gift Guide: For the Littles

Gift Guide: For the Littles | Sacramento Street

Putting this gift guide together was probably the most fun I’ve had sourcing. Why are things so much cuter when they are small? I now know that when we do have kids I will be broke because I will want everything. It took a lot of will power to make this gift guide so small – check out more of my favorites below in the shopping widget. Some of these items I may have bought for friends and family members that have kids . . . I have no will power! When I search for items for kids, either for my clients, or for gifts, I always think about items that are timeless – I never look at trendy items. You can never go wrong with animal bookends or a Sophie teether that most moms swear by. For clothes, I tend to gravitate towards neutrals (surprise?). And lastly, you can’t go wrong with wooden toys like the race car above.

I hope this helps you with your christmas shopping for the littles in your family or for your friends cuties that you can’t resist purchasing gifts for during the holidays. I certainly got into a bit of trouble putting this one together!

1.) Oeuf Knit Wild Things Crown 2.) White Elephant Menagerie Bookend 3.) Girls’ Stadium-Cloth Box Coat 4.) Pkolino Art Easel in White 5.) Gap Bear Cozy Hat 6.) Polaroid for J.Crew Colorblock Earbuds 7.) Maileg Baby Girl Mouse in Matchbox 8.) Petunia Houndstooth Long Sleeve Onesie 9.) Sophie La Girafe Teether 10.) Bear Print from The Animal Print Shop 11.) Elephant Snack Box 12.) Quilted Bunting in Midnight Blue 13.) Fringe Bootie 14.) Glitter Lodge Moccasins 15.) J.Crew Kids Playforever Buck Race Car 16.) Brown Giraffe Menagerie Bookend 17.) Hanna Anderson Dove Star Sleeper

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