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Gift Guide: For the Foodie


I find one of the easiest types of gifts to find are those meant for the “foodie” in your life. I have quite a few friends and family that fall into this category. It’s never difficult to find something they’ll love and surely use if I focus on the kitchen. There is always a new cookbook (like the one I’ve featured here) that will entice the most particular cook. A delicious olive oil or a new flavor of honey pair together perfectly to pop in a stocking, or for someone very special – why not give them the new Illy espresso and milk frothing machine.

Big or small, we have you covered for the loved ones who can’t get themselves out of the kitchen.

Shop the Gift Guide:

Chamba Clay Cookware | Bees Knees Spicy Honey | Soapstone and Copper Pizza Stone | Hartwood Cookbook | Yield Design French Press | Cheese Set | Ila Extra Virgin Olive Oil | March Pantry Almond Butter | Midi Fog Linen ApronDansk Kobenstyle Saucepan | Illy Milk, Espresso & Coffee Machine | Marble and Wood Cutting Board


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