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Cozy Season with Coyuchi

When temperatures start to drop, there is nothing quite like cozying up under flannel sheets and organic layers of cotton. It's that time of year where our family brings out our Coyuchi flannel sheets for every bed. These sheets are coveted in our house and because they have a brushed and velvety finish there stay soft forever. The kids have had theirs for years and there is zero pilling (which as a mom I love).

This season, Eric and I decided that it was time for us to invest in a pair for ourselves. The weather is colder than normal here in San Francisco and it seemed like the perfect time to treat ourselves to a set since we'll be staying home all winter long. The undyed flannel set is stunning! We paired it with the Cascade Organic Matelasse Blanket in White - the texture it adds is beautiful. Lastly, kept it simple with Presidio pillow - love the tassels on the ends.

There is no better time to make your home as cozy as possible. We certainly took it to a new level this year!

Photos by Jordan Shaw


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