Five Ways to Stay Organized with Kids

I’ve always prided myself in being a relatively organized person. I have a place for everything and I try not to buy things I don’t need to avoid clutter in our home. Then I became a mom and that has been much more difficult to pull off. Children have so many different contraptions at different stages of their life and the toys – don’t even get me started!

My home was getting cluttered and I didn’t like it at all. Toys in every corner of the living room, Jackson’s closet and drawers bursting at the seams – something had to give. TaskRabbit came to my rescue with this disaster about to happen! While I probably could have accomplished it on my own, the trouble is finding the time. It was so effortless and now I feel much more at home in my own home.

Here are some great tips I learned that can help you to stay organized too:

1. Keep toys organized by category. TaskRabbit suggested wicker baskets under the daybed in Jackson’s room. He absolutely loves them and knows which basket to pull out if he wants to shoot hoops or play with his many stuffed animals. He even puts the toys back when he’s finished.

2. Don’t over buy. It helps to be mindful about what you actually bring home. If you find something you love, think about purchasing it for a few days and if you still think you should purchase it, by all means do so! You’ll have less clutter in the future if you don’t buy as much.

3. Edit, edit, edit. I had baskets before we organized but they were filled with all kinds of toys mixed together. By categorizing the toys, they are easy to find and we use them much more. I created two piles: one to donate to a local homeless shelter, and the other to keep.

4. You can choose containers that go with your décor. I selected wicker baskets that add texture and don’t take away from the look of the room. I want to have toys in my living room but I don’t want it to look like a playroom!

5. If you can’t get organized, find someone to help you. I had intended to organize Jackson’s things, but I never got around to it. TaskRabbit was the perfect solution to getting it done right!

When my TaskRabbit, Lily, left I had this sense of calm throughout the house. Do you have an area of your house that has been haunting you? A closet, corner or storage unit. Now is the time to check it off your to-do list and stop dreading the idea of getting it done. I’ve got a code you can use to tackle any spring cleaning chore off the list! Enter SACRAMENTO to receive $20 off same day tasks with TaskRabbit.

I hope this sets you on a path of organizational bliss. I know I smile every time I look at my newly organized home.

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Photos by Ali Hartwell

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