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Armed with determination and a huge dose of good luck, I quickly found the perfect studio space a block away from my home. It has two beautiful bay windows – one with a built-in seating and the other is home to my desk. And my desk is the home of my new favorite tool in making my creative world successful – my HP Spectre. This incredible computer has unlocked my creative process and helped me reimagine where I am going with my business.

When I first received the HP Spectre in June, it gave me the flexibility I needed to work anywhere. What I didn’t realize, was that I would actually get my inspiration for how I would decorate the office from the design of the computer. I love the warm tones of copper and the black so much, I’m using patterns of black, white and grey color scheme in the décor of the new workspace. I had originally planned a blue & white look similar to my home, but the black grew on me and now I’ve taken a turn in what I’m doing and I’m excited to finish it up this dream in the making.

I still can’t believe how quickly things have moved forward. And it all happened in a serendipitous way. My dream of finding an office has become a reality. I know that having this new space will lead to a new potential for design projects and creative ideas.

While the office has quite a way to go – I know I’m moving in the right direction. I’ve kicked off picking out pieces for each room and HP Spectre has helped me to get there. I can’t wait to reveal the whole space in the coming months!

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