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Design & Technology: The Gift for Dad This Father’s Day

This year will be a special Father’s Day, with a new baby girl in our family. It can be difficult to come up with a gift for my husband and dad. Neither of them have things they want – both are honestly happy with what they have. That being said, I have a father who loses everything. He travels frequently and always seems to lose his phone, computer, or wallet. He has been fortunate to have honest people send these items back to him. But wouldn’t it be great if he could easily find these items?

I was excited to learn of a product that can eliminate losing your most needed items. For my husband, this would simply save time in the morning. He usually goes for a run with my son in a stroller each morning and then needs to get ready for work and be on his way. It would be perfect for him not to have to look in a variety of places for his keys. With Tile, he can easily find his keys, or anything else used with this location-tracking device. These small, affordable Tiles can be placed on wallets, purses (yes, please!), computers, and luggage. Tile can be purchased in stores such as Apple, Best Buy and Target, and is also available online around the world at Compact and easy to attach to anything, Tiles can go where you go. They are small, durable, and lightweight, perfect for attaching to those items that often get misplaced.

I plan to give Tile to both my husband and my father. Saving extra time for our new bundle of joy! Time is the real gift – and we definitely cherish our time with both our children – they grow up so quickly and spending time with them is the real gift Tile can provide.

This post is a partnership with Tile. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting sponsored posts that keep Sacramento Street doors open.


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