Creating A Spring Herb Garden

Living in an apartment in San Francisco means I don’t have a garden. That being said, I do have a front porch where I love to have plants. This year, I decided it would be fun to try my hand at a potted herb garden. I went to my local nursery and found a variety of herbs I enjoy cooking with – mint, thyme, oregano, rosemary and basil.

Farrow & Ball provided the paint for me to try out some of their new key colors for 2017 as part of their #CrateOutdoors campaign. These colors are spot on for spring, with a vibrant and fresh new look.

I painted a wooden apple crate with their signature color – Studio Green. It’s the perfect spot for me to store my gardening supplies – a watering can, spade, moss, and seeds to plant in my pots. I also painted a clay pot in the All White, a color I will be using in several design projects coming up soon. These two colors go perfectly with the outside area of my apartment. I also painted popsicle sticks in their colors Radicchio and Hay and then wrote the names of the herbs on the sticks.

Studio Green

Studio Green is a color that will grow on you. The color is the darkest of greens and changes dramatically in different light. I especially like it outside with light, where you can see the green in it. Studio Green is the color of the original studio for Farrow & Ball.

All White

I am trilled by this color of white. All White is the perfect white void of any tint. It has the softest shade without being to yellow or blue. I am planning to paint kitchen cabinets with this color and I think it will be stunning.


I have noticed pink being used more frequently in design and this shade – Raddichio – is perfection. It is bright without overwhelming and it has a modern happy feel to it.


Hay is the softest light golden color you could imagine. This is a happy color that would look beautiful on a kitchen wall or even as the color for a home. It reminds me of the golden color the hills turn outside of San Francisco in the spring and summer.

While I may have no garden space, I can take advantage of my porch and have a small manageable garden in pots. And the beautiful colors of Farrow & Ball help to make it fun and contemporary. Happy planting and painting!

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