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Creating a Better Morning Routine

Do you ever feel like your morning has come and gone entirely too quickly? It certainly happens at our house. I think it’s a constant struggle for everyone. By the time we wake up as a family, have our cups of tea (which I re-heat a least 3 times) and get dressed, we are usually behind schedule. With that being said, we’re tried to create a certain rhythm that works for us. Here are three things that have helped me be more efficient in the mornings. I’ll be honest, it doesn’t happen all the time.

  1. Showering at night. This may sound simple but if I actually have the energy to shower at night and do my hair, then I’m not the last one to get dressed in the morning.

  2. Tidying up. I’ve followed this rule for a long time. Every night before going to bed I spend at least 10 to 15 minutes cleaning up toys, mail, shoes – basically anything that looks out of place. I can’t tell you how amazing it feels to wake up and have everything in order. Yes, it gets messy all over again but a least it’s not a mess on top of a mess.

  3. Outfit plan. Since I usually get everyone else ready before myself, I’ve found that figuring out what to wear in advance based on my schedule helps me out. I used to find myself staring at my closet feeling like I had nothing to wear. And while options are limited these days with only five weeks left until my due date, it still helps knowing what I will be wearing.

Do you have any helpful tips for creating a better morning routine for you and your family? I still need to work on the breakfast/lunch making part.

Photos by Andrea Posadas for Sacramento Street


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