Branding & Video Workshop: And We’re Live . . .

This past fall I was invited to join a video and branding workshop called “And We’re Live” with lifestyle expert Kelley Moore. This workshop was centered around teaching us all about branding, media, video, and on-camera presence. Now, since I’ve launched the site and design business, my number one focus has been about branding – I stay true it 100%, but one thing I’ve always been a little fearful of is video and on-camera presence. Friends, it’s not good. I have no problem talking on panels or in front of an audience, but if a camera is in my face and “rolling” I forget my name, what my lines are, and just about everything else . . . so, setting my fears aside, I decided that Kelley was probably the only one person that could wash away those fears I’ve had for so long.

Kelley pulled together a select group of industry experts to travel to Seattle to take her debut workshop.

Day One: We learned how to define and refine our brand through a series of exercises. From the get go, each of us were in awe how a few exercises could make us think about our brands in a whole new way. We were then introduced to industry leaders that had compelling stories behind their brands. They shared their stories about the ups and downs of building their brands.

Day Two: We kicked it off with learning how to pitch ourselves and our business. Kelley brought in a handful of experts that work in the TV/media industry. They gave us the confidence to embrace our stories to share with everyone. We were even able to have one-on-one time with a TV producer that listened to our pitches. This was in-valuable – when do you ever get to sit down and get experience like this? Never! This helped craft what each of us was going to focus on in our videos. Then it was time to write our scripts.

Day Three: It’s time to be on camera. Insert the sweating, hyperventilating, and shaking of my body. After hair and makeup, it was time to get aquatinted with the film crew, and then it was action time. Honestly, I was still frightened, so Kelley came in and worked with me to craft my video. Without her help I probably wouldn’t have been able to get through the filming. Getting tips from Kelley along the way was an incredible experience.

After a whirlwind three days I felt enlightened and inspired. Knowing that I was leaving with a professional branded video and head shots was invaluable. Now, it’s coming to a city near you! If you’ve been searching for the right workshop to attend for growing your business, I highly suggest signing up for one her next workshops.

For more information on the workshop, pop over to “And We’re Live.” They’ll be coming to San Francisco, Seattle, New York, Chicago, Lost Angeles and Portland!

A huge thank you goes out to Kelley for helping me conquer one of my fears. Now, enjoy my video!

Photography by Belathee Photography


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