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Blooms in Season: Signs of Fall

The leaves may be changing here in the Bay Area but the weather continues to stay warm. We got a brief glimpse of crispness in the air, which got us all excited for fall layers, but alas it didn’t last. Since we’re slowly seeing signs of Fall coming, Natalie and I thought it was time to bring back Blooms in Season. To kick off the re-launch of this series Natalie outdid herself with this stunner! The mix of ferns, roses and pampas grass is the perfect combination for the start of Fall. Read more to learn about what inspired Natalie.

How do you get inspired with your arrangements when a new season arrives?

As soon as I see the season shift, I settle in for a few days to truly feel ready, and then I run with it. On the first day of Fall this year, the light shifted dramatically and I could see the change. It was that day that I bought my first pumpkin and decided I was ready to leave Summer behind.

What did you use in this arrangement?

Zinnias Pepper Tree O’Hara Roses Money Tree Pampas Grass Blue Fern (A variety of Staghorn Fern)

What made you select the variety in this arrangement?

I was inspired by the unexpected palate for Autumn. Even when I am ready to embrace the season, I also like to ease into the palette. There is plenty of time for oranges later in the month so I wanted to start with a nod towards the season without overdoing the color.

A new season brings new blooms, what should everyone expect to see in the next month when it comes to flowers?

As the season unfolds we’ll start to see more fall foliage such as maple leaves, zinnias, the last of the dahlias, bittersweet and the last rose bloom.

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Caitlin Flemming for Sacramento Street


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