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Blooms in Season: September

Blooms in Season - September | Sacramento Street

As the weather turns cooler I have always wondered how to combine beautiful blooms that still remind me of summer months, like dahlias. With Natalie here for advice, I turned to her on how to combine those to elements into one arrangement for our September feature. She brought it to a whole new level adding tomatoes to the mix. She always amazes me. Read on for her advice on these particular blooms we used this month.

Blooms in Season - September | Sacramento Street

This pale pink dahlia is an incredible color? What is it called?

This beautiful dahlia is called “Cafe Aux Lait”. It is a stunning variety that comes in a dusty antique pale pink color. I first saw it about four years ago and I it stopped me in my tracks. It has become a much more common dahlia over the past few years, and I am still drawn by its beauty just as I was the first time I saw it.

Blooms in Season - September | Sacramento Street

Any tips to how to make dahlias last longer?

Dahlias aren’t long lasting flowers to begin with. You can expect about three good days from them so don’t be too disappointed if they don’t live much longer than that. Dahlias are the only flower that I know of that like hot water. Turn your water from the tap and fill the vase with that. Do not boil water, as that is too hot. They also only like about three to four inches of water in the vase, so be sure not to over-fill your vessel. Keep an eye on the water level, as they may drink all the water overnight and you will need to refill the vase.

How many varieties of dahlias are there?

There are hundreds of dahlias varieties. They are a flower with so much personality! Each bloom has a different color palette and often a different shape. I love going to the Dahlia Garden in Golden Gate Park to see a range of varieties in bloom.

Blooms in Season - September | Sacramento Street
Blooms in Season - September | Sacramento Street

Why did you chose the green tomatoes for this arrangement?

I loved these little guys! It is late summer and the seasons are starting to change. If you grow tomatoes, then I am sure you have more than a few left on the vine at this point. I always like to encourage people to think outside the box and use something unexpected in their arrangements. The combination of green tomatoes was seasonal and fun!

Thanks Natalie for another beautiful arrangement! If you’ve missed our past feature click here and check back next month for another stunning feature.

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs // Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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