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Blooms in Season: September

Blooms in Season: September | Natalie Bowen Designs

One of my favorite things is that we have four distinct seasons to enjoy. I adore the heat and sunshine of summer but I’m just as happy to be slipping into fall with shorter hours of daylight, trees turning brilliant colors, and a briskness to the air. I also love the flowers and branches at the flowers market with the changes of color and varieties. Natalie has created an arrangement of flowers that makes me tickled with excitement. I find the mix of soft blush colors and the vivid colors of the leaves and branches to be a perfect mix to chime in the new season.

Blooms in Season: September | Natalie Bowen Designs


“Cafe Aux Lait” Dahlias

Maple Branches

Rose Hips

I love these berries. What are they?

These are rose hips. I love that this variety is so delicate and not as large as the type I normally see. Rose hips are the fruit from the rose plant and we see them in early Autumn after the summer roses have stopped blooming. Rose hips have medicinal powers and many uses. I often drink tea with rose hips as they are very high in Vitamin C.

These Dahlias are to die for!

These are called “Cafe aux lait” dahlias and they have become really common in the last couple of years. I see them more and more but they are still such a beautiful color. I love that they bridge other colors and in this case of this arrangement they soften the Autumnal colors and make the arrangement seem more appropriate for September when we aren’t quite yet in the full swing of Fall.

Blooms in Season: September | Natalie Bowen Designs

With the seasons changing what foliage branches do you recommend for interior arrangements?

I love to use fall foliage such as this Maple. However, in my home I am always most drawn to the longest lasting blooms and branches so that I get the maximum enjoyment without having the change them often. Fall foliage can last anywhere from three days to over a week, but these rose hips last for a month! I love them for this reason. As the season changes, I look for lichen and moss covered branches that have very few leaves on them. This way I can enjoy them as we transition from Fall to Winter.

A new season brings new blooms, what can we expect to start to see in season that you are excited about?

I love Fall. It is my favorite season and I am so excited to see the leaves change color. At this time of year I start to focus more on non-floral elements of the season. I love Liquid Amber, Pistache and Gingko. I also love heirloom pumpkins and usually get mine as soon as I seem them and don’t throw them out until the day I bring the Christmas tree in.

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Suzanna Scott for Sacramento Street


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