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Blooms in Season: October

Blooms In Season | Sacramento Street

This month Natalie and I were inspired by fall and thought it would be fun to mix together blooms that remind us of warmer days from September, but arrange them with fall foliage. This arrangement in my opinion is the epitome of fall – the colors and use of leaves make me hope that I can recreate this for a fall dinner party or for Thanksgiving. Natalie hit it out of the park again this month. Read on to find out her inspiration and tips behind this month’s stunning arrangement.

Blooms In Season | Sacramento Street

What was your inspiration for this arrangement?

October is my favorite month so I wanted to do something that felt autumnal but wasn’t overly orange and too expected. I used liquid amber leaves which have a beautiful shape and color right now. I let those be my main inspiration and then used the last of the season Sonoma roses and dahlias.

Blooms In Season | Sacramento Street

What kind of flowers did you use in this month?

– liquid amber – jensenia – pepper berry – “Charles Austin” garden rose – scabiosa – dahlia

Blooms In Season | Sacramento Street
Blooms In Season | Sacramento Street

What is the little berry you used?

That is pepper berry (as in pepper corn)! I love the shape and the way it drapes over the vase.

I love the low shallow concrete vase you used. Do you have any tips for working in a vase this shape?

It is important to put the stems in the vase in a grid formation to create a woven base that will support the flowers and encourage them not to flop outwards. Start with the thickets branches and place them at a 45 degree angle and cross them. Continue placing all the stems in that way, rather than putting them in straight up and down.

Thanks Natalie for another stunning arrangement! I definitely know what I’ll be putting on my Thanksgiving table this year. If you want to see more of Natalie’s work, pop over to her new re-designed site. It’s beautiful!

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs // Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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