Blooms in Season: November


Just in time to inspire you for Thanksgiving, Natalie and I wanted to share a few tips on effortless entertaining and creating the perfect holiday centerpiece. For my tips on effortless entertaining, head over to the SF Chronicle where I spilled the beans on how anyone can have a flawless fete. Today, Natalie is sharing her go-to tips on creating a beautiful arrangement for your holiday season.

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

1.) Never make anything that is too tall. If you cannot see over the arrangement, your guests will ask to remove it from the table and then there is no point in having it in the first place. You can measure your arrangement by putting your elbow on the table and measuring to the tip of your fingers. If the arrangement is taller than your fingers, then it is too tall.

2.) Try and avoid flowers that have pollen because many people are allergic and having a sneezing guest does not help a dinner party.

3.) Don’t use any flowers with strong fragrance. While it can be nice to have the faint scent of a rose at the table, strong floral scents can compete with the food. The aromas of the meal should take center stage.

4.) When selecting the color of your centerpiece be sure to take in account the other elements on the table. Tying in the other tones really turns your look in to a complete table scape. I selected the roses to match the honey colored taper candles and the two balance and play off of each other beautifully.

5.) Think ahead and take account of what other elements will be on the table. Will the table be family style or plated? If family style, be sure to leave room for serving dishes on the table. As a rule of thumb you will need less floral and candles if you are serving family style and more if you are not.

6.) Don’t over think it. So many people are intimidated by floral arranging. Just go for it! Flowers make such a difference on a table and your guests will appreciate the effort so much! Trust me…I know this for sure!

Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street
Blooms in Season by Natalie Bowen Designs for Sacramento Street

I know that this Thanksgiving and holiday season I’ll be using all of these tips Natalie had to share. I hope this helps you create a stunning arrangement of your very own!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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