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Blooms in Season: March

Blooms in Season | Sacramento Street

Spring is upon us and the flower market is currently bursting with tons of incredible flowers. When Natalie and I sat down to brainstorm this month’s arrangement we first started thinking about something with branches but then we decided that keeping it simple was the way to go. We wanted to highlight one of Natalie’s favorite flowers – tulips. She hit the flower market to find six of her favorite varieties so that we could show all of you the different types of tulips you can find. Let me tell you, I didn’t even know there were this many out there and each are stunning in their own way. Luckily Natalie is here to give us a few details about tulips.

Blooms in Season | Sacramento Street

I’ve been noticing tulips more and more. Are they in season now?

Tulips are a true Spring flower. Because of their popularity they are now available year round, but their true season is Springtime. I see the special tulips at the market from February until May.

Blooms in Season | Sacramento Street 3
Blooms in Season | Sacramento Street 4

You mentioned two types of Libretto tulips. Where are they from and what makes each so special?

One is a local variety from Arcata in Northern California. The other is an import from Holland. I was struck how each had such different coloring, with the one from Holland being much more pink.

Blooms in Season | Sacramento Street 5

Sometimes my tulips stand straight up and sometimes they go in every direction. Why is that?

Tulips are always reaching for the light which gives them many opportunities to do funny things. If you have tulips in a dark room with no light, they will stand straight up. If you have them in a sunny room, they will be reaching towards the window. The best way to enjoy your tulips is to just let them do their thing and watch them move every day.

Blooms in Season | Sacramento Street 6

I have heard a rumor about tulips growing after they cut. Is this true?

Yes. While tulips reach for the light, they actually grow. If you have them in an arrangement mixed with other blooms, you will notice that after even just one day, they will stick out further than where they were originally placed. When I use tulips with other flowers, I usually cut them a bit too short to start so they will ease into the ideal placement.

Check back next month for another stunning edition of Blooms in Season!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Caitlin Flemming


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