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Blooms in Season: June

Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street

I’m smitten over the latest Blooms in Season post. The fragrance in summer flowers is like no other season. Natalie will discuss the selection of blooms but in case you are interested, there are two different varieties of both lavender and sage. My wish is that all of you could smell these blooms from your computers (or iPhones)!

Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street

Have you always loved lavender?

I have to admit, this year is the first time I’ve really gone crazy over it. I walked in to the market this week and it was filled with the most exquisite lavender from a farm north of San Francisco about three hours. It stopped me in my tracks and I’ve while it hasn’t always been a favorite of mine, I have a hard time resisting any flower that is showing so beautifully.

How many varieties of lavender are there?

A lot! Thirty-nine to be exact. I am surprised by how many there are, but when you look at them, they are all so different. Even though the color name “lavender” is named after the plant, they range in color saturation, too.

Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street
Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street

Does all Lavender have the same scent?

Some varieties have a much more saturated and dense scent than others. Lavender essential oil is extracted from English lavender. If you give the lavender a gentle squeeze, the oil will get on your hands and it can be easily inhaled.

Tell us a little secret about Salvia (sage).

The salvia (sage) is in the mint family. Anything in the mint family has a square stem. If you twirl the stem in your fingers you can feel the shape of the stem and easily identify it as being in the Lamiaceae (mint) family.

Blooms in Season : June| Sacramento Street

It sometimes seems hard to design with, since the stems are so straight. Do you have any tips on how to make arranging with lavender easier?

I agree that arranging with lavender can be hard. I don’t like the way it looks with the stems are poking out from an arrangement as if they were toothpicks. I prefer to cluster the stems and mass them together. When grouped, they look much more impressive and mimic the way they grow on a bush.

Natalie Bowen Designs Workshop

Friends, Natalie is teaching a unique floral workshop this summer. Not only do you get to have Natalie’s guidance, knowledge and inspiration at your fingertips but you’ll have the opportunity to pick your own flowers from a flower ranch and then have your arrangement photograph. The spots are going to go quickly so be sure to sign up!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Emily Scott for Sacramento Street


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