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Blooms in Season: July

With summer in full swing the flower market is busting with stunning blooms. When brainstorming with Natalie for this month’s arrangement we thought about what was in season and what Natalie has been seeing at the market that has inspired her. What sparked the inspiration this month was a blush tipped fern she saw while on a walk in our neighborhood. On a quest to find the name she visualized this whimsical arrangement. Read on to find out more about this garden inspired bouquet.

When I look at this arrangement, it reminds me of the bouquets that I would put together from my childhood garden. Do you have tips for making a whimsical arrangement?

I love to play around with texture and I think that this arrangement does exactly that. When I make a more whimsical arrangement I try to play with the sizes and shapes of the different elements. I try and not use all small blooms or it starts to look messy.

What is your favorite summertime color palates?

I love bright hues but they are so expected for summertime. I like that this palate was a softer summer look. Each shades is slightly saturated, but not overpowering. The green of the stems and leaves makes it feel fresh and seasonal.

Do you often use edible elements in your arrangements?

I love using edible elements in my arrangements as I think they are fun and add an unexpected dynamic to the arrangements. If you have wild blackberries growing in your yard, you could easily incorporate a stem or two into an arrangement and it makes the whole arrangement look fun and playful. A stem of mint, rosemary, lemon leaf or mini-apples would also work just as well.

What is the difference between a regular rose and a David Austin rose?

David Austin Roses are all English roses, which is a specific variety of a Rose. They have been cultivated to have the look and scent of the old fashioned English roses as opposed to cabbage roses, which are Dutch roses.

I love the ferns, why did you choose to use those in the arrangement?

I love that ferns add a completely different texture and also create lines for asymmetry in the arrangement. Many people have ferns growing in their yard, as I do, and it is so easy to snip one or two stems to create a great added element.

If you decide to make a similar bouquet in your home you’ll instantly get the scent of summer from the roses. I hope you enjoyed this month’s post!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs // Photos by Claire Giffen


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