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Blooms in Season: Fall Roses

Blooms in Season: Fall Roses

As we move further into fall, not only do the leaves start changing colors, we also get to to see new flowers that are coming into season. As Natalie and I brainstormed this installment to share with all of you, we both wanted something unique. And boy, did Natalie throw it out of the park – the roses she found are breathtaking! These roses are true beauties – I dream about the hues!

Blooms in Season: Fall Roses
Blooms in Season: Fall Roses

Tell us a little bit about the different varieties of Roses that you wanted to highlight.

There are different classes of roses. Florabunda (lots of blooms, usually have several blooms on each stem and bloom more frequently), hybrid rose (pointy center with a long straight stem and is the typical florist rose) Shrub Roses (David Austin roses).

Koko Loko (florabunda) Abraham Darby (David Austin) Pieder B (Hybrid Tea)

These roses are beyond special and were grown by the talented rose grower Fallon Shea. The second I met her I knew I wanted more Fallon in my life. She understand roses and has a passion that I admire and that passionate spirit comes through in her flowers.

We see roses all year long at the flower market and the grocery store – is there a time of year that they are in season?

Roses are in season from April through October and they go dormant in the winter. Typically you would prune them in January and they stop producing in November. The heaviest bloom is the first bloom and in California that is the end of April or May and they slow down in the summer and then have a second bloom in September or October. This is the reason why some rose shoes are in the Fall rather than the Spring. Those that are seen throughout the winter months are grown in greenhouses or South America. In my opinion it is best to avoid supporting South American roses as they have terrible growing practices.

Blooms in Season: Fall Roses
Blooms in Season: Fall Roses

Do you have any tips on handling roses when you are arranging them? AKA, not getting poked.

I suggest using a sharp knife or scissors to cut off the thorns before using them to arrange. Some thorns are smaller and they actually hurt more when you get pricked. I suggest wearing gloves when handling them.

What’s the typical longevity of freshly cut roses?

Roses can last anywhere from two days to a week depending on the variety and specifics of the rose. Roses are not the longest lasting flower there is.

Do you have any tips on what to do to have them last longer?

The best way to process a freshly cut rose is to cut the stem under water before you transfer it to the vase. This will keep an air bubble from forming which stops the rose from pulling water. Many people swear by using flower fresh powdered product but that is not something I do. I also suggest cutting the rose on an angle.

Blooms in Season: Fall Roses

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Caitlin Flemming for Sacramento Street


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