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Blooms in Season: December

Blooms in Season: December | Sacramento Street

How time flies . . . I can’t believe this is our last Blooms in Season post of the year. We’re finishing off the year with one of my favorite arrangements yet. Seriously, if I could get married again it would be in the winter and I would walk down the aisle with this bouquet. Not kidding! The mix of greenery, anemones, paper whites and ranunculus is incredible. When I first came to Natalie about collaborating on an arrangement for the Kate Spade holiday tabletop I knew I wanted something white (no surprise there!), a bit of whimsy, and something elegant for the holiday season. Natalie blew me away, which isn’t surprising. Now here’s Natalie with more details about this December’s arrangement!

Blooms in Season: December | Sacramento Street

What lead to your inspiration for this arrangement?

I love using holiday greens this time of year and redwood is a favorite of mine, as I had four redwood trees in the backyard of my childhood home. I love the tiny pinecones on their branches and think that they feel very festive without being too overpowering. I decided that a white and green, with a hint of black palate was appropriate for this time of year without feeling Christmasy.

What is behind the name “Paperwhite Narcissus”?

Paperwhites are part of the genus “narcissus”, which also includes the name daffodil and jonquil. While there is no proof of how they got their name, it is thought that they were named after the Greek myth Narcissus who was obsessed with his own reflection. The flowers in this family have a slightly down-turned head, as if they are looking in to a pool of water showing their own reflection, and this is how the bloom is thought to get its name.

Blooms in Season: December | Sacramento Street
Blooms in Season: December | Sacramento Street

You used ranunculus. Are those in season?

During the winter months when less is being grown locally, I tend to buy more imported flowers. I buy locally as much as possible, which isn’t hard in this part of California. When it is colder, I do find myself buying imported blooms that come from warmer climates.

Any hints for someone wanting to put together an easy holiday centerpiece?

If you have a Christmas Tree and trim it when putting it up, use the extra stems as a base for your arrangement. you can also take apart the end of a garland or pick up a few stems at your local grocery store or flower shop. If you chose a long lasting flower, such as the narcissus or amaryllis (they are the same family), and make sure that they are not fully open when you purchase them, you will be able to enjoy the arrangement for a couple weeks. I love a long lasting arrangement!

Blooms in Season: December | Sacramento Street

A huge thank you to Natalie for bringing us inspiration for holidays and for bringing us such beautiful arrangements each month. To see all of our 2013 Blooms in Season arrangements pop over here. I can’t wait to see what we come up with in 2014!

Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Photos by Claire Giffen


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