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Blooms in Season: December

Blooms in Season - Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design

It’s so difficult for me to not say this is one of my favorite blooms in season because each month I almost always want to say this. That being said, I’m swooning over this month’s arrangement by Natalie. It’s Put together without any flowers – more a beautiful garland of items coming from nature – swags of cedar, pinecones, feathers, and berries. Bringing nature indoors at this time a year, gives you a chance to smell the outdoors even when you might not be able to go outdoors as much as in summer. I love the texture and variety of this piece and it doesn’t even have flowers!

Blooms in Season - Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design

Flower varieties are clockwise from feather on the left.

Pheasant Feather



Deodora Cedar


Feathers (not sure what type)

Silver Dollar Eucalyptus

What was the inspiration behind using feathers? Where can someone find similar feathers?

I like using non-floral elements in my garland to create an unexpected look that is long lasting. A garland is often up for a full month, so it is best to use components that won’t wilt easily. I find feathers to be a great way to to do this. Similar feathers can be found online or at Michaels.

We love this beautiful, avant-garde take on a traditional garland. Tell us what inspired the concept and how it breaks the mold of traditional holiday decor.

I’m most inspired by a seasonal and wintery look more than a traditionally Christmas look. When I decorate my own home, I want my guests to feel as if it is festive nut not screaming holiday! There are enough red berries and poinsettias out in the world, I strive for a clean and fresh look when approaching my holiday decorating.

Blooms in Season - Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design
Blooms in Season - Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design

If someone is looking to have their garland or decor smell delicious, which greenery would you recommend?

I find Cedar to be the green with the most pine fragrance. Cedar is also very lacy and delicate and has wonderful movement when it is hung. A simple garland made of only this variety is both classic and eye-cathing when hung up a staircase banister.

For those looking to create a version of this look for themselves, what are some tips or tricks you can offer?

Tip 1. When approaching this look at home, remember that you don’t need an actual garland or an actual mantle to achieve the same look. A few single branches laid linearly on the table can give the feeling of a garland without the weight or event he cost. You have more control over the movement when you use individual branches so you can play around with the shape a lot more.

Tip 2. Use the heaviest branches first. They will anchor in the other branches and keep the design from slipping.

Tip 3. Incorporate candles, feather and family heirlooms to make it a complete design that is personal to your home. Don’t stop with the greens, get creative and add other elements to make it uniquely yours.

Blooms in Season - Sacramento Street x Natalie Bowen Design

Lastly, what’s your favorite branch or type of greenery you can’t live without this holiday season?

I am in love with the dusty gray color of the Deodora cedar this year. I also love the lichen covered branches for their natural shape and long lasting nature. I have a combination of these two with cyprus throughout my home this year. 

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Flowers by Natalie Bowen Designs | Images by Ali Hartwell for Sacramento Street


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