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Beauty: Inside Look at International Orange Marin

Ever since becoming a mom of two, I haven’t been the best at carving out time for myself. The juggle is real. When people say going from one kid to two is way more work – they are right. I think moms have a hard time thinking about what they need to do for themselves in order to press the reset button on the craziness that life entails. I’m one of those moms.

I was really good about finding time to go to Pilates, lunch with girlfriends, and even pampering myself a little bit when I had just one child. But with two, I’m on auto-pilot. I just keep going and going without a break. I almost feel as though if I sit down I won’t be able to get back up to do everything that needs to get done.

A few weeks ago I realized if I didn’t stop to give myself a few hours off from work and life, I would collapse.

International Orange opened in Marin Country Mart and every time I am at the Mart, I remind myself that I need to make an appointment at International Orange. Well, finally I took the time to do it! I cleared my calendar and made an appointment to be pampered!

This spa is dreamy – not only is the design and aesthetic right up my alley, but you are transported into a calm and serene oasis. It is as if when you walk through the doors all of the weight on your shoulders is lifted off. I could have stayed for hours!

If you are someone needing a little time to recharge, this is the place for you. I felt like a new woman after my massage and facial. Everyone needs a little pampering!


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