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Baby Makes 3!

Baby Flemming Shoes

Today I’m excited to announce that Eric and I have embarked on a new chapter of our life together. We’re welcoming a baby boy into the world in late December! We have pretty much been on cloud nine ever since we found out. It’s been incredibly hard to keep it a secret for this long.

Back in April I was blindsided with all day nausea while on a business trip to Dallas. Then came a whole month of not being able to look at a computer – it was not a fun month, but I just kept thinking “it’s all for this little nugget that I will be able to hold soon.” Luckily, the nausea (for the most part) is gone and I’m back to my old self – except with the desire to spend every waking hour nesting and my craving for pickles, fruit and tons of veggies.

I’ll be sharing little bits of inspiration, tips and nursery progress here on Sacramento Street. But until then, I’ll be revving up the inspirational content for y’all. Pardon the past few months and I appreciate you all for hanging in there without knowing what the heck was going on!

We can’t wait to become a family of three!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming


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