A Treasure too Important to Lose

I am so fortunate to be living in a part of San Francisco that affords me incredible nature walks just paces away from my front door. I’m just a few short blocks from one of the most stunning and beautiful retreats in the world to exist inside a major city – the Presidio. I’ve always loved taking walks but since the birth of my son a year ago, I have made it a priority to take an afternoon walk with him almost every day. One place I tend towards is the Park Presidio – especially Lover’s Lane. I find all of my stress disappears when I step foot into the eucalyptus grove. Deep breaths of refreshing air are the perfect tonic to a hectic day. When you venture to this area, be sure to look closely between the trees to spot Andy Goldsworthy’s sculpture Wood Line. You can easily miss it as it melds perfectly with the eucalyptus branches.

Having been brought up with a father who is a conservationist, getting into natural areas has always been a priority for me. It’s remarkable that a space first occupied by the Spanish in the 18th century, could still be present today for inhabitants to enjoy. And it isn’t just people who use the space – birds of prey and other species are often seen there. I am so thankful we have such an area put aside. No condos or high rises, this is a retreat for all to enjoy. The Trust for Public Land takes great satisfaction in their mission to “protect the places people care about,” and I have to say, I care deeply about the Presidio and Lovers’ Lane and with the help of the Trust, it should be around for generations to enjoy. This is an area too precious to lose.

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I encourage you to join the movement to save our natural areas around the country. You might not be living in San Francisco, but there are countless other spaces the Trust has worked to save. Please leave your comments on why nature matters to you and consider going to the Trust for Public Land website to create a postcard for the #OurLand movement.

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Images by Suzanna Scott for Sacramento Street


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