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A New Year, A Fresh Start

Baker Street Project by Caitlin Flemming Design

There is a sense of excitement as the year closes out and we ring in a new year. I always spend the week between Christmas and New Year’s clearing out the clutter of my home and looking at things with fresh eyes. This year was so special for me – having a new little one in our family brought a change of perspective on what matters in my life. That being said, I need to thank my readers for sticking with me – even when I posted very sparingly for the first few months of the year. I continue to have a full heart and appreciate the life I have beyond words. I anticipate some new and exciting projects in 2016 and look forward to diving head first into them in 2016!

I hope all of you have a safe and happy holiday and that 2016 brings you happiness, love, and prosperity. Until next year, dear friends!

Baker Street Project by Caitlin Flemming Design (project will be reveal soon!) Photos taken by Suzanna Scott


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