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a brand new week . . .

Happy Monday everyone! After a weekend of packing up the apartment it felt as though I got a lot accomplish around here but it was only a fraction of what still needs to be packed up. I keep reminding myself that once we’re done it’ll feel amazing to be in a new home. It’s weird packing up a home you’ve lived in for so long (especially the first one you’ve created). I’ve been finding special memories in each drawer, boxes and cabinet I open. I was talking to a girlfriend this morning about how moving is one of the most emotional things you can do – you’re leaving a place you’ve called home, messing with your routine, and going somewhere you want to make a home as quickly as possible but it takes time. These next two weeks will be quite interesting. If you have any tips on packing, things to do before moving, or any other inspiring words please share!

A few things inspiring me this week – back issues of Domino Magazine, my trusty vintage tape measure that I carry everywhere, and my notebook filled with to-do lists.

I hope all of you have a wonderfully productive week!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming


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