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a brand new week . . .

Happy Monday! After a weekend of packing and packing and more packing, I couldn’t wait for this week to begin so I could sit at my desk working. We quickly realized that after packing up the kitchen and dining room we were living in a sea of boxes so I enlisted a few amazing girlfriends (Susan and Nicole) to help move them over to our new place. Which is now starting to look like our home.

Since almost all of my inspiration is packed away I thought I’d share with you a tiny corner of my bedside table that still brings me joy. Thanks to Natalie, this peony has made me smile each morning.

This past week we started major construction on our new apartment – walls are being torn down due to a major leak. While I’m trying to put on a “it’s all good” attitude, it has been a little nerve wracking. I’ve been running back and forth between apartments and meeting with contractors. So if this week a post is a little late, know it’s coming. I have some exciting posts for you – I’m unveiling before/after photos of our living room progress, a new treat from Susan and new weekender I tested out on my trip to Mexico. Stay tuned for a jam packed week!

Cheers to a wonderful week ahead for all of you.

Photo by Caitlin Flemming


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