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a brand new week . . .


Can you believe it’s the first week of March? I certainly can’t. This year is going quickly!

While working on a bunch of projects over the weekend I had a burst of inspiration to re-arrange our entire living room – oh yes, I moved our sofa by myself because no one was around help. I was in one of those “this has to happen now” moments. Since I’m constantly working on clients homes, sometimes I don’t remember to look at my own space to see what I can do to make it feel updated and new. It feels like a completely different room and I’m in love with the new layout.

Now that I’ve tackled my own home I’m ready to start the work week in a whole new light. Are you getting a little itch to do some re-decorating around your house in preparation for spring to hopefully arrive? If you’re looking for some inspiration definitely check out our Room Anatomy and On the Hunt features for inspiration. Then pop into your local magazine shop to pick up the latest issue of Domino Magazine – it’s filled with endless inspiration that will have you re-arranging your own house.

Have a wonderfully productive week everyone!

Photo by Caitlin Flemming


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